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"Men are only as good as their technical development allows them to be."
- George Orwell

All AkzoNobel technical training courses are taught in state-of-the-art training facilities located in seven strategic areas of North America. These facilities are designed to enhance learning while replicating shop conditions. When a painter experiences the correct motion required to spray a car, he remembers how it feels, how it sounds and how it looks so he can duplicate it back in his spray booth. Our limited number of participants per training course (6-8) makes sure each student gets ample time of spray gun in hand.


We are proud to offer the following educational courses in this area:

Sikkens Product Training
Sikkens Product Training is our cornerstone class focusing on the fundamental skills needed to produce invisible repairs. A systems approach is utilized allowing a technician to correctly assemble and apply the correct products for each type of repair. Hand’s-on training with just the right amount of theory ensures high skill level and retention of knowledge. Class is I-CAR and ASE certified.

Sikkens Advanced Product Training
What are some of the more challenging jobs your painters have recently handled? How often do your painters accelerate their systems and what issues do they encounter? How successful are your painters with more demanding jobs, such as 3-stage systems? This class addresses all of these issues in-depth with hand’s-on learning. Sikkens Product Training is prerequisite. Class is I-CAR and ASE certified.

Sikkens Autowave Product Training
This class provides necessary information and familiarity with low VOC paint products and systems. The training permits high productivity while using environmentally friendly paint products such as Autowave and Autoclear Superior 250 to produce excellent quality repairs. The use of equipment and practices unique to low VOC paint products are discussed in detail. Class is I-CAR and ASE certified.

Sikkens Autowave Advanced Product Training
Repairing multi-stage paint systems is no more difficult with low VOC paint than with conventional products after attending this class. Environmentally friendly products Autowave and Autoclear Superior 250 are utilized in hand’s-on training in the repair of tri-coat pearl and tri-coat metallic/solid color finishes found on many luxury cars. Class is I-CAR and ASE certified.

Sikkens Color Tinting
What percent of your re-do’s and come backs are due to color match? What is your level of satisfaction with repairs involving metallic paints? How much material and time is wasted trying to overcome color match problems? This class teaches a simple, easy to follow method of accurately matching colors quickly and without material waste. Class is I-CAR, ASE, and GM 22041.00 certified.

GM OE Product Certification
A two-part training program required by General Motors for GM dealership paint technicians and paint technicians working at independent body shops performing GM warranty repairs. A painter can become certified by passing the on-line tests or take this training class to fulfill the requirements. The technician will be required to demonstrate the ability to successfully perform repairs in order to receive certification. The Color Tinting class is also required for full certification.

Code To Color
Obtain the car paint code, mix the paint. Sounds simple doesn’t it? We all know getting an accurate color match is not nearly so easy. This class provides a clear, concise process for achieving an accurate color match on each and every job. Beginning with car code locations, through color formula retrieval, to color adjustment this class teaches everything needed to be highly productive in creating undetectable repairs.

Prime Time
A comprehensive review of the repair process from metal repair to final sanding ready for paint. This class is a must for preppers and new hires in the paint shop. Topics covered in detail include substrate considerations, surface preparation, primer types and correct selection, application equipment, sandpapers, and paint system assembly. Provides a step-by-step walkthrough of various repair scenarios.

Solving Application Errors
The flawless paint job is always the result of quality craftsmanship, experience, and quality paint. The repair of the paint system on a vehicle seems to be a relatively simple job. It is not until one observes all the possible application errors that can occur, that the degree of specialization required is noticed. This class teaches how to recognize and correctly analyze 28 possible application errors. Remediation actions and steps to prevent reoccurrence are presented.

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