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"To me, job titles don't matter. Everyone is in sales. It's the only way we stay in business."
- Harvey Mackay 

Turning prospects into customers and then finally into raving fans does not automatically happen just because you correctly repaired their vehicle. There is far more to it than the collision repair technical aspect. For many, selling is much more challenging than performing the actual repair. If you fit into this category don’t fear. You are not alone. There are some who are born salesmen. For the rest of us it is a skill we must learn and practice.


We are proud to offer the following educational courses in this area:

Estimating Consistency - Documenting Damage (in-person)
This course is designed to review and refine the Estimators’ skills relative to collision repair estimating. The participant will learn how to optimize profitability per repair order, while complying with insurer DRP requirements. Participants will be asked to write an estimate in advance of the course, and participants will critique one another’s estimates for thoroughness. Role-playing will allow the participants a chance to practice the various skills that have been taught.

Maximizing CSI (in-person)
This course is designed for any management team member to review the skills necessary to continuously improve service quality, assure Customer retention, and improve the likelihood of positive referrals. Participants will be provided with detailed processes and customizable forms. Participants will have numerous opportunities to practice the skills learned through role-playing. A CSI complete report and Hot Sheet are reviewed.

Scheduling Workshop - Controlling the Variables (in-person)
While there are many uncontrollable events that happen in the collision repair industry, proactive Collision Center owners and managers are taking steps to harness some of the variables that are within their control. Simply allowing all incoming variables to affect the Collision Center’s operations will cause an overwhelming amount of mistakes and stress.

Scheduling for Continuous Flow (online)
In this course you will learn the tools and techniques necessary to gain control over some of the variables that effect business today with, as the title implies, an emphasis on your scheduling process.

To register for scheduled in-person training classes or for online training, please visit