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Process Centered Environments

Process Centered Environments


The Process Centered Environment Program provides you with the ability to create a sustainable competitive advantage by utilizing a series of interconnecting / interactive events that allows a product or process to flow freely and continuously utilizing the:

  • Right amount of energy
  • Right resources
  • Right materials

That will allow the finished product to be delivered at the:               

  • Right time 
  • Right quality
  • Right cost


The goal of the Process Centered Environment is to provide stakeholders and customers with the ultimate experience.




A Tourists Guide - Introduction to Process Centered Environments
This course is designed for collision center managers and owners who are interested in learning the benefits and challenges of pursuing a PCE journey. In this session, we will explore the basics of transforming a
business into a Process Centered Environment.

Tips for First Time Travelers - Preparing for a Process Centered Environment
So... you’re contemplating taking your business on the PCE Journey but know that the first step of any great journey is the hardest. This PCE module was designed to address this concern. It provides a basic understanding of the behavioral changes required to successfully implement a Process Centered Environment in your collision facility.

Avoid Excess Baggage - Implementing 5S
5S is the key to workplace organization and standardization through visual management. This course teaches the principles and techniques needed to apply 5S and establish visual management systems to improve communication and adherence to standards.

Upgrade to First Class - Principles of Continuous Improvement
This hands-on course focuses on practical methods for creating and maintaining a culture of continuous improvement. A series of experiential exercises drive home the concepts and tools of Continuous Improvement while creating an entertaining and fast paced learning experience.

Rules of the Road - Standardization and Visual Management
If McDonald’s can get employees in Tokyo, Los Angeles and London to make fries exactly the same way, every day, why can’t we get two technicians in the same shop to repair vehicles the same way? We can! We just have to understand how to create and implement standardization and a visual workplace while continuously eliminating waste and variability from our processes…

T Minus 5 and Counting - PCE ready
This course addresses the processes that must be in place to manage every incoming vehicle to a state of readiness such that it can flow without delay or interruption through the repair process. The benefits
of this include, improved cycle time, reduced work in process, and ultimately, continuous flow.

PCE Boot Camp
This program fast tracks key management personnel to a state of excellence within the world of production theory. It provides all attendees with the knowledge and ability to drive continuous improvement events throughout a collision repair facility. Utilizing a practical approach to what has become a very theoretical subject, this course demonstrates key attributes of a Process Centered Environment allowing you to better visualize them in your environment.