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Invest In Your Future

Invest In Your Future


Some call it "future-proofing". 

Others call it "sustainability".

You can call it "Acoat Selected"  because for the last 30 years our mission has been to prepare your business for the future.....before there was a trendy term for it!

Between the industry-leading assortment of Educational Services, the comprehensive selection of Consulting Services, and especially our Process Centered Environments (PCE) program, everything we do is about making sure our members thrive in the future, not just survive.

People. Planet. Profit.
AkzoNobel is committed to being an industry leader in sustainability in terms of planet, people and profit, ensuring our businesses have positive economic, social and environmental impacts. In fact, AkzoNobel has maintained the number one ranking for the last three years on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index!

The Acoat Selected program focuses on your people and your profit.

Of course the planet is important to us too! Although our Acoat Selected services focus on your people and profit, we will continue to provide opportunities for our members to learn how to minimize their environmental impact.



   ​We're committed to making our products and operations more sustainable. As well as driving our own success, putting sustainability at the heart of everything we do means that our customers and employees – not to mention the planet – will also benefit.
But if we're to take advantage of sustainable growth opportunities, we have to accelerate the pace of our commitment. Which is why we've adopted an approach we call Planet Possible.
It’s all about creating more value from fewer resources and opening up infinite possibilities in a finite world.

Read the Planet Possible brochure