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"Marketing is a contest for people's attention."
- Seth Godin

Running a successful collision repair business requires more than just the technical skills necessary to repair vehicles. A thorough understanding and practice of solid financial management skills is also needed. Through the Acoat Selected program collision repair professionals can learn everything from business financial basics to solutions for complex accounting scenarios. Regardless of your financial management skill level there exists an Acoat Selected course or consulting engagement to fit your needs. Entry level or seasoned professional, we have you covered.

We are proud to offer the following Consulting Services in this area:

Demographic Analysis
Our Demographic Report service provides detailed demographic trends per zip code, insurer and manufacturer, as well as a consolidated list of insurance market share, all local insurance agencies and CD database with mailing labels for simplifying marketing to them.

e-Print  (website)
Acoat Selected e-Print, a unique innovation in literature design and production, enables you to better navigate many of the logistical barriers that exist today in developing promotional materials. The Acoat Selected e-Print service provides collision repair professionals design materials that look virtually custom and effectively describe the capabilities and unique characteristics of your business.
This web based tool enables you to increase your flexibility of choices, reduce stress and maximize your communication dollars. With e-Print you can customize shop marketing documents in an easy, fast and painless manner right from your office computer.
Acoat Selected e-Print provides you with a selection of pre-loaded templates. These templates contain default text and imaging in place holders. Within a relatively short time and with no prior document paste-up experience you can design, write, review and place print orders. Materials that have a customized look, feel, and message for a fraction of the cost associated with more traditional alternatives.

Marketing Planning
This consulting engagement is designed to help your sales team improve their effectiveness in marketing your business to various referring business entities.
An effective sales culture affects all aspects of a business. The first phone call through the final call back for CSI is a “sales process.” Once everyone understands and believes they are part of the selling process, you have instilled a “sales culture” in your repair center.

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