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Information Technology

Information Technology

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"It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity."
- Albert Einstein

Staying abreast of new developments in information technology can be a daunting task. The scale of sophistication in electronic information processing is increasing exponentially. Quantifiable business advantages can be achieved by embracing the latest technology but doing so is often not easy. The sheer complexity of modern IT is overwhelming to the average business owner. You need a partner that has the skills and resources to make sense of it all for you. AkzoNobel, in conjunction with our distributors, are that partner. Let us help you navigate the IT landscape.

We are proud to offer the following Consulting Services in this area:

Carbeat is a great enabler to a more productive and engaged workforce using the power of visual management.

Imagine your workplace staff meeting around a large digital planning board every morning. Discussing the jobs of the day ahead, priorities and bottlenecks, while looking at color coded repair cards with signaling buttons. Full transparency is achieved, also throughout the day, between the workplace, paint department and reception area, as everyone has an eye on the real-time status of all work in the bodyshop.
No longer does your staff need to ask questions on the statuses of vehicles, reducing needless communication by 50%. Also, you have the assurance that your team makes the right calls and prioritizes the right work, even if the workplace manager is not around.
In such a way, not only does productivity increase, on average by 10%, it also brings a feeling of empowerment to your team. Taking decisions on their own, your team will feel empowered and engaged to make a difference!