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"A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business."
- Henry Ford

Running a successful collision repair business requires more than just the technical skills necessary to repair vehicles. A thorough understanding and practice of solid financial management skills is also needed. Through the Acoat Selected program collision repair professionals can learn everything from business financial basics to solutions for complex accounting scenarios. Regardless of your financial management skill level there exists an Acoat Selected course or consulting engagement to fit your needs. Entry level or seasoned professional, we have you covered.

We are proud to offer the following Consulting Services in this area:

IMPACT Financial Review
Keeping tabs on your material profitability is very important. This service provides an efficient way to do just that. Simply report a few numbers each month and we do the rest! A full report is provided displaying your material profitability with 12 key performance Indicators. This analysis of material profitability provides insight to potential improvements in inventory management, sales, costs, waste and efficiencies.

Operations Review
This consulting engagement is designed to provide collision center Owners and General Managers a comprehensive on and off-site evaluation of their body shop to assess performance, identify opportunities and develop a plan of action for improvement.

Paint & Materials Management Analysis
This consulting engagement is designed to enable collision shop owners to optimize the sale and use of paint materials. If your shop is suffering from low paint materials gross profit, concern about the amount of waste, or a lack of an organizational system for supplies then this consulting session is right for you.

Pay Plan Analysis
This consulting engagement is designed to provide collision center Owners and General Managers an assessment of their company’s current pay structure for a set group of employees. It will help to align personnel goals with company goals. Assistance is provided in motivating employees with the realignment of their pay structures.

Performance Groups
Imagine being with a group of one hundred shop owners for the sole purpose of exchanging business growth ideas. That is exactly what happens at Acoat Selected Performance Group meetings.
Acoat Selected Performance Group members meet twice yearly to share successes, find solutions to problems, and make new relationships with like-minded shop owners from across North America. The wealth of knowledge and experience present at these meetings is nothing short of awe inspiring.