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Carbeat® ordering

Carbeat® ordering

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For Carbeat® Support, please contact

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The ordering process.....

There are 5-6 simple steps to acquire your Carbeat® digital production communication tool:

1. Complete the Carbeat® Services Agreement (left vertical menu). This is the agreement between your company and AkzoNobel regarding the use of the software application.

2. Complete the Carbeat® Order Form for your country and language (left vertical menu). This begins the process of ordering the Newline TruTouch computer.

3. Complete the Carbeat® Intake Form for your country and language (left vertical menu). This allows us to pre-configure your Carbeat® boards prior to installation and set-up.

4. OPTIONAL - Complete the Carbeat® Connect Data Authorization Form, allowing CCi Technologies access to integrate your management system with Carbeat®.

5. A third-party vendor (varies by country) will contact you via email with a purchase agreement for the hardware. Once you've returned the completed purchase agreement, and credit is approved, the hardware usually arrives within  2 weeks. 

6. Your AkzoNobel Services Consultant will schedule a date to conduct the installation and training!

The ordering process explained

Understanding the different roles / credentials