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Carbeat Services Agreement Canada

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Carbeat Services Agreement Canada

Controlling the pulse of your business

​This is the second of a four step process for acquiring Carbeat® for your facility.

  1. Order Form
    • This goes to our partner, Newline Interactive, to begin the process of ordering your hardware.
    • They will follow up with you regarding the credit application (see step 4)
  2. Services Agreement YOU ARE HERE
    • This is the legal agreement for access to the Carbeat application
  3. Intake Form
    • This tells us how to custom configure your boards to match your terminology and processes
    • We separate this because you may want to consult with your staff and/or AkzoNobel Services Consultant to complete it.
    • We will begin processing your order without this but will need it completed prior to implementation.
  4. Credit Application
    • You will be contacted by our hardware partner, Newline Interactive, usually within 48 hours (not including weekends)
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