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2014 Repair Planning Boot Camp Dates

2014 Repair Planning Boot Camp Dates

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

repair planning boot camp dates have been set for 2014!

this comprehensive course covers every aspect of repair planning from creating the needed repair planning strategies and process to practical implementation tips. we aren’t going to show you how to paint a fender faster or get your employees to work harder, but we will show you how to get repairs through your facility with fewer delays.

the biggest gains in cycle time don’t come from teaching your employees how to do their job; they come from creating a process that allows them to do their job continuously, without stopping for unnecessary delays. excellence in repair planning can result in optimization of the entire repair process.

this program will be in very high demand and will most certainly fill up quickly. please speak to your akzonobel services consultant to determine if this program is right for you and your facility.

 april 15-17, 2014  dcr systems, mentor, oh
 july 8-10, 2014  dcr systems, mentor, oh
 october 14-16, 2014  dcr systems, mentor, oh